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What do we do at Love-Online to prevent scams

Anti-Scam Policy: How Do We Deal with Scams?


If you think that we, at Love-Online, don’t have problems with scam girls, you are wrong. We had to build a team of professionals who verify girls’ profiles and communicate with new members to make sure they are who they claim to be.

We spend a lot of resources to keep our site free of scams and we delete dozens of scam profiles every day. This is our mission to let you use the scam-free dating project to find love in Ukraine. All the women who you find here are single girls and are really ready to make a family.

Anti-scam protection stages

The worst scam in the sphere of online dating is when people create fake profiles. After a man adds this profile to his chat list, such a fraud starts talking to him and showing all kinds of interest in him. When you start trusting such a fraud, they will just start asking you for money.

Their cat is ill and requires expensive treatment, and they are in intensive care in hospital and have to pay bills, they lost their job and now don’t have money to pay the household bills or even to buy some food. A lot of possible stories that can make you send them money.

So, here’s how we protect you from scams:

  1. We verify every single woman. Every profile you see is verified by our specialists. First of all, we check the IDs and make sure the girls aren’t married.

  2. We talk to girls on video chat. Before we approve any profile of the woman, we talk to her in a video chat and verify that she personally wants to join.

  3. We work with trusted agencies. To improve our database, we work with agencies all over Ukraine and in some other countries. Each agency is trusted and reputable.

  4. We provide regular checks. Our security service acts as “secret men” and talks to girls to make sure they are not scams.

  5. We quickly react to your messages to support. We understand that you still can suspect that a girl is a scam and you may write a message to support. We will immediately check the profile.

You may see that we invest a lot of effort into making a dating platform that is completely safe for you to use. Of course, we understand that scammers are very smart now and we keep improving the tools we use to protect the site from them.

Although we are sure that every single profile on the platform belongs to a real girl, we ask you to message us about any suspicious behavior of girls and also refuse if they ask you to chat with them on social networks or messengers. This may not be safe for you!

Your actions are important!

You may also protect yourself from scammers at any dating site if you are aware of the methods these frauds use to take money from you.

Never pay anyone directly on their account or in any other way. If you want to help a girl financially, you should contact us and we’ll figure out the best and the cheapest way to transfer the money to the verified person.

Buy gifts in our gift shop instead of sending money to girls. You should understand that if a girl asks you directly for money, she’s almost certainly a scammer. If she wants a gift from you, visit our gift shop and choose something cute.

Don’t send your personal information to anyone. If a girl asks you for your credit card details in any context, you may be sure she’s a scammer. Just ignore such women because they may be bots that try to get access to your banking details.

How can you help a girl financially?

If you want to send money to the girl you’ve been chatting with for a long time, you may write a message to support. We have all the details of every woman on the website and we can contact her to get the details. Also, we have accounts in Europe, the UK, and Ukraine and we can figure out how to transfer money without huge bank commissions.

We’ll find the best way for you to send money or a gift to a certain girl and this will be the safest way. Also, you will get a picture or video proving that the girl actually got your present or the money.

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