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Love-Online dating platform offers total privacy

Total Privacy at Love-Online Dating Platform


We created the service of video chatting with Ukrainian girls based on the mistakes of people and companies who have done it before. We know all the problematic points of the video chat sites and we did our best to provide you with the best possible service.

Total privacy is our number one priority and we work with the industry’s best companies to provide you with the privacy you deserve.

Why is it safe to chat at Love-Online?

When you are a registered user of our dating site, you become protected under the privacy policy and terms and conditions of this platform. If you have the time, you should read these documents and see how exactly we make our platform safe for you.

In short, the following technologies work for this:

  1. SSL certificate. We are using the 3rd generation SSL certificate that encrypts the communication between you and our server making it impossible to steal the data.

  2. Best payment providers. We don’t play with fire and use the best and safest payment providers to interact with our users. Only well-known and trusted companies process your payments.

  3. No third parties. We never give your personal details to any third parties (except chosen payment providers). We also don’t use personal data for any adverts, personalized offers, etc. Your data is absolutely safe.

  4. Ability to delete all your data. If you decide to delete your account, just write to our support team and they will assist you in deleting all the information we know about you.

  5. Safe servers. We are working on safe servers located in the best data centers all around the world. All servers are secured from any virus attacks and stolen data issues.

To learn more about our privacy policy, read the special page where we explain all the technologies that are used for user’s safety and privacy. We are ready to discuss privacy questions and offers. If you have anything to ask or offer, just use the live chat with support agents and we’ll be glad to take your ideas and use them to make the service even better and safer!

Where do we store payment details?

We don’t store your payment details because we don’t process any payments on our own. We work with trusted and well-known payment providers and systems that offer a wide range of payment methods for you. They store your payment details according to their privacy policies. And you may be sure that we’ve chosen only the best providers that have never had issues with clients’ data.

We want you to get the best experience. So, we’ve made everything possible to provide you with the best privacy you can find online.

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